Guiles Estate

During the last battle Roddrick and Erevan contracted a form of Mummy Rot. Roddrick was able to cure Erevan using his skill in healing. The party stopped in a small town and was able to find a Ritual of Cure Disease. After acquiring some additional healing components, continued on to the Guiles estate. Four days travel brought them to the estate.

Using stealth and a magic cat our party scouted the estate looking for the clues found in Garvin’s notes. In the front yard Arannis discovered a stump of an elm, which could have been referenced by the notes. After throughly scavenging the front yard, the entry way to the house was explored. Although causing small amounts of racket, the party made its way into a grand hall converted to a throne room. Continuing a search through the estate there was much evidence of undeath, and monstrous creatures.

Eventually working our way to a library, we discovered an alchemical ritual, using Zy root, which previously had been smuggled into Bywater. Family history books revealed that the head of the Guile family has always been a young women named Cynthia. The mother has always handed off rule as a wedding present. Within two years a female heir is born. And then five years after the male dies. A key was found. Ledgers indicating the mushrooms leaving Pinehurst and entering Bywater. From there something labeled “F.E.” travels serpent spire mountains.

In the rubble of the collapsed roof at the top of the building we found a weather vein with an oak tree. Matched it to the elm in the clues.

Searching the first floor revealed corpses prepared for being turned into undead. Roddrick disrupted the rituals to animate the dead by sanctifying the corpses in the name of Kord. The first floor lead to a locked iron door, and behind which a tunnel under the estate. In the tunnels more undead, some animated. These animated undead appeared to be gardening corpses.

There was combat.


The party eventually arrived at Galvin’s home in the Pinehurst forest. Astrid quickly ascertained there was trouble when she spied a person in full plate-mail, a mummy (who appeared to have formally be a cleric), and its demonic minions waiting in the home’s entry way.

An attempt at gaining the upper hand through surprise was foiled by a squeaky front stair and an exclamation of profanity. The battle was joined.

At first opportunity the plate-mail clad warrior retreated into one of the upper rooms; ordering the mummy to hold off the adventurers while he sent their prisoner on his way. The fight was a quick one, the demonic minions quickly falling under the attacks of the heroes. The group then brought down the undead leader at the bast of the stairs.

Rushing upstairs it was discovered that the warrior was not alone, he had with him at least one gargoyle. Again the party faced a fight, though this one would be tough given the ordeals placed on them to reach this point.

To their surprise though the knight told his allies to stand down. From this closer distance it was easy to see the warrior they now faced was also an undead creature.

“Victory is mine, we have the prisoner we came for. There is no reason to continue fighting.” he said.

The party was taken aback and briefly undecided as to how to proceed. Eventually deciding that discretion can be the better part of valor the heroes also stood down. The death knight and his two gargoyle allies took their leave. This gave the party to opportunity to search the remains of Galvin’s study. Fortunately their enemies had not been as thorough as they thought in destroying the wizard’s note. From a pile of semi-burnt debris some parts of Galvin’s journalk were pieced together.

Damp's Journal

- Another Day of Bash Bash -

We went into swamps near Bogwood trying to find a chest for a man. He said we could keep what else we find and he would pay us some gold if we just brought him his chest. Sound good so we go.

First we had to crush big froglike things, but they die easy. I let Malkan fight them so he would feel like he was really big and strong. He don’t like when I beat things up better than him.

We finally find mans house. Why man’s family built house the swamp I don’t know. On hill would be better I think. Anyway, we found house and they all decide to go around back to find a way in there. I just wanted to go in front door, but they said they wanted to go in back to be sneaky. So we go around back and find big hole in wall. I say to Malkan to go look in the whole. He find big snakes in hole, and he make curse to Kord. I let him fight these himself too. I am a good sister to him to let him feel so strong.

We bash snakes and go inside. We find room with big flying bugs in it, and this time I help to bash them. There was dead hobbit in the room too, and something shiny up near the bugs nest in the roof of the room. Wizzard guy, Erevan, say it is magic pointy weapon, and he give to Astrid cause she throw pointy weapons. I don’t need pointy weapon. I need bigger axe!

Malkan open door to another room and find more of the frog things. Floor was all covered in water, and stupid frog thing push me into a hole I don’t see under water. When I come up, the rest of the frog things was dead. I not happy then cause I’m all wet, and when we find another room with frog things I smash them up good! Then we go back to room by hobbit to try to rest for a while. I found out that Hobbit leg bone is good for funfun, so I put it in my bag for later.

We go back to last place with frog things and some of them bodies is gone. Malkan jump to grab ledge and see what’s above. I hear him curse Kord again so I pull him down quick and save him from big spiders eating his head. We bash spiders then. I try to lick spiders back to gain big power, but it just taste bad. Story about licking spiders is lie. I don’t get rush of power from it.

We find more frogs and kill them too. One had magic and made fire and lightning. He made me mad, so I ran to bash him, but he was fast and I miss him lots. Finally we kill them all and find stairs. Astrid look down stairs real quiet and see more frogs. I really mad at frogs now, so I cut off dead magic frog things head and throw it down stairs while I yell loud. Then we bash frogs real good when they come running up stairs.

When they all dead, we find little room with door in floor, but it wont open, even when I bash it hard. Erevan say that it is magic and we can’t open it, so we all goes back to the city. Man there says that through door in floor is graves of his family, and offers us more gold to go down there. Malkan and me just go drink ale and let others decide. Man says there is treasures down there, and we can keep if we just bring back chest to him. I say we go, and Malkan agree.

Now I sleep. Arm hurts. Stupid frog things.


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