Cleric of Kord


As a young man I grew up in the faith and fellowship of Kord, born of devotee parents who had minor tasks in the temples. My father had duties as a guard and my mother with ceremonies. Young clerics are never very close to their parents. There is far too much to learn about faith and combat. From a young age I spent my time with tutors and trainers. Learning the ways of faith and of war.

My guidance and tutelage was overseen by Kelnar, who headed the temple of Kord in South Port.

The study of history fascinated me as well. Kord prescribses the study of history to know the mistakes and victories of the past. We are guided to learn from the wisdom he has provided in the past. I had always felt that I was born in the wrong time. Hundreds of years too late to participate in the great battles. Being in service to Kord at a time of peace is trying.


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