The Tree Riddle

I couldn’t access the forum without paying for it, so I made this page so we can discuss the riddle we’ve been stumped on (Hahahaha).

Here’s the riddle, from memory:

Where was the sun?
Over the oak.
Where was the shadow?
Under the elm.
How was it stepped?
North by 5 and by 5, east by 4 and by 4, south by 3 and by 3, west by 2 and by 2, and so under.

I totally cheated, so here’s the wikipedia link to the sherlock holmes story.
The Musgrave Ritual

The key here seems to be that we need to figure out the former height of the elm tree. Guessing isn’t really going to work out for us, I’m sure, so we’d need to find some other clue (likely in the burning house…awesome!) Maybe we could also ask the lich how tall the tree used to be. I’m sure it would be more than willing to tell us. Perhaps we can commune with a spirit or something to tell us how tall the tree was at the time this riddle was created.

The post was probably placed there by someone to get the direction to walk (and then they walked that way). It also helps that the staff was 6 feet tall, but cast a 9 foot shadow. So I’m guessing we start stepping 1.5 x the height of the tree in that direction.

The Tree Riddle

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