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Recent Etheron History

-180 A Half-Orc named Krell unites the Orc, Goblin, and Kobold tribes of the wild north under his
banner. He sets off with his humanoid army to conquer and pillage the kingdom of Etheron to the south.

-178 The first raids along Etheron’s northern border take many by surprise. No one at the time expected this much organization from the northern tribes. People had always thought they would spend too much time fighting amongst themselves to be anything other than a nuisance to the more civilized races.

-177 His royal majesty King Harold Burrgur musters an army and marches North to face the humanoid threat.

-177 The Serpent Spire forest is set ablaze. Almost the entire forest is destroyed. Severing the connection Etheron had with the Feywild. Thousands of Eladrin and Gnomes become trapped in the mortal world.

-176 The two armies finally meet near what would eventually become the city of Dragon Rock. Hours of fighting later the humanoid army is routed and its leader slain. Victory however did not come without cost, King Harold is mortally wounded in the battle and dies within a week.

-175 Harold’s son Emmet is coronated as the new king of Etheron. Being only a child of eight his uncle Saxon Burrgur is made regent of the kingdom until Emmit’s 18th birthday.

-173 After a string of failed assassination attempts against the young king Regent Saxon announces that for his own safe keeping the King, as well as his younger brother Wendel, will remain guarded in the North Tower. The North Tower being an old fortress in the Greypeaks that once served as home to the kings of the Greypeaks before the kingdom of Etheron became a united whole. At this time however it severed more as a prison for those of noble lineage accused of wrongdoing. Many of the counts protested the idea of locking king Harold’s heirs away in a royal prison but eventually Regent Saxon convinces a majority of the lords that it will be easier to keep the children safe in the fortress.

-168 Anthony Pembrook is arrested after making demands to see the royal heirs. Regent Saxon is said to have spoken ‘If you wish to see them so badly then you can share their room in the tower’. Anthony Pembrook is never heard from again.

-165 Anthony Pembrook’s successor, Jason Pembrook, leads a minority of royal families in protest against Regent Saxon. He insists that King Emmet be brought back to Bywater as it is now his 18th birthday and it is his right and place to rule over Etheron. The families that join with Jason are the Cranstons, Graftons, and Noddlers. The other families,Bailys, Renthorns, Caldwells, Graysons, and Gyles side with Saxon, insisting that King Emmet is safer if he stays in the tower.

-164 With the help of the families supporting him Regent Saxon passes a law creating a hereditary line of Regent for the kingdom. Once he dies Saxon’s title and duties will pass onto his eldest son.

-164 Jason Pembrook and the families that had supported him a year earlier storm out of The Lords Chamber (kind of like Parliament in the UK). Jason swears to return Etheron to its rightful rulers. Lady Alexandria Grafton, matriarch of the Grafton family, is assassinated before she can escape Bywater. Lesser members of the other families are arrested or killed but the family heads manage to escape.

-163 Peatmeer falls quickly to Lord Pembrook’s forces. He sweeps north to thwart an invsion of [[Serpent’s Spire]] by Lord Saxon’s troops. This cuts off Regent Saxon’s access to metals to feed his war machine since the Dwarves of the Grey Peaks seal their mines at the request of the Cranston family and will not open their doors again until after the war is over.

-162 Lord Pembrook’s forces free the city of Bywater. The city is quickly reinforced and made into a shelter for refugees as well as the families rebelling against Regent Saxon.

-160 Regent Saxon is able to maintain a stalemate. While he has lost access to local sources of metals his forces control the ports of Ocean Bay, Dawnreach, and The Archipelago.

-158 Regent Saxon spends the remaining Burrgur fortune to purchase weapons, armor, and mercenary support. While his troops hold off the forces of Lord Pembrook he plans to march on Bywater to capture the family members of the opposing generals. He hopes to force surrender by threatening their lives.

-157 An unknown agent informs Lord Pembrook that Regent Saxon has an army on the march towards Bywater. Lord Pembrook takes what forces he can and meets Regent Saxon in battle at an area know as the Amber Fields in the Horse Lands.

-157 Regent Saxon killed at the Battle of Amber Fields in the Horse Lands (just SE of Bywater).

-155 The remaining counties that had allied with Regent Saxon finally fall. The civil war is over. The Baily, Noddler, and Gyle families are completely wiped out. The Renthorns flee East across the ocean. The Greysons, Caldwells, and remaining Burrgurs are stripped of their wealth, titles and lands.

-155 Searching the North Tower turns up no sign of King Emmet or his brother. It is assumed Regent Saxon killed them. A meeting of the nobles who backed him as well as lesser noble families now raised to counts vote that Jason Pembrook is the most legitimate heir to the Etheron crown.

-154 Jason Pembrook is coronated King of Etheron.

-153-0 Attempts to keep the Burrgurs out of political life fail. Even stripped of their land, money, and power over the years through well crafted marriage arrangements, adoptions, and the occasional suspicious death the regain control over Dawnreach. The county over which Regent Saxon ruled before the civil war.

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